AZI’s New Clinic!

Sept 2010 — For the past year, Animal Zone has worked tirelessly to set up a veterinary clinic in the village of Xilokeratidi, supplying it with much needed medical equipment. In order to keep the clinic open and available to the community, we need your help—please  make a donation.

Prior to this, the only vet facility that was available was provided by the municipality, and was not more than a space (no equipment), in the village of Chora, which is a great distance away. Our new facility, open since January 2010, is located in a rented basement of a local pensione, and serves all animals of the areas of Xilokeratidi, Katapola, Rachidi and Nera and all other animals that are brought to it. Without the completion of this facility, it would not be possible to have a vet come and take care of all the regular and emergency medical care for the animals of the island.