Paola the Mare, Our Latest Addition

Paola the Mare

Paola the Mare

Sept 2010 — Responding to a call for help from members of the new animal association (PMAA), this summer AZI became aware of the tragic existence of a mare, donkey and mule, owned by a shepherd but not cared for by him. They lived without shelter, not enough food, insufficient water, and with their legs tied tightly together (see photo). It upset a tourist from Athens so much that he notified the police and pressed charges, but without any consequence.

Mule with legs tied

That justice is being sought is significant; however, these animals require immediate attention, especially the mare. We have learned that the donkey and mule were bought by a local shepherd and unfortunately, we are unable to locate them at this time. As for the mare, with the help of the Mayor, the owner was persuaded to sell the mare to the newly formed animal association.

AZI has pledged the money for her purchase and upkeep, and she will be kept on land offered by the Mayor. AZI is financing the construction of a fence and shelter for her. We hope to save and purchase other horses, mules and donkeys (which, incidentally, are now an endangered species on the island, due to mistreatment). Most of these animals are abandoned, castaway as unfit for work, in the middle of nowhere, with no food, no water, and with their legs tied together to restrict their movement.