One day in September, 2015, Litsa, AZI's coordinator in Amorgos, heard a kitten crying while walking her dog. But because the kitten was located inside a private garden, she left it alone. However, when she returned the next day, the kitten was still crying, so she found the owner of the property and received permission to search the area. 

Nano was found under a plant crying nonstop, with no mother around. She appeared to be only a couple weeks old. Litsa rescued her and brought her to AZI's center, where little Nano received care and nourishment. She was bottle fed at first and eventually learned to eat by herself. 
Some months later, in December 2015, Nano found her own home in Athens. A few days before Christmas, little Nano traveled to Athens where she met her new family. The family has three daughters who fell in love with Nano, who became the first cat in their family. Nano is loved by every member of the family, and we often receive happy updates and photos with her achievements.