Sterilization program completed with success

Our two-day sterilization program on the 3rd and 4th of November has been a great
success. Over fifty-six cats -thirty females and twenty-six males- are now unable to
increase the number of feral kittens in the areas of Agiali, Chora and Katapola and
they are all in good health and have been released back into their home turf.

We want to thank Dr. Manolis Vorisis and his wife Nikoletta Delasouda for their
amazing work and for the kindness and generosity with which they have donated
their expertise to the feral cat colonies of Amorgos.

We also want to thank Mr. Michael Koveos for his generosity in providing accommodation for our two vets in his Anna Studios Pension.

The Municipality of Amorgos has been a great partner in this program as has the
local animal welfare association, “Filozoiki Merimna of Amorgos” and its many
volunteers as well as those wonderful residents of Amorgos who helped in this
important project sponsored by Animal Zone International.

And we have committed to another program to be held in March.