Sterilization for stray cats

On Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th of November, Animal Zone International, in
collaboration with Amorgos Animal Welfare Society (Filozoiki Merimna of Amorgos)
and the Municipality of Amorgos, will carry out a sterilization program for stray cats
and kittens and the cost of this important program will be covered by Animal Zone
We are asking anyone who is aware of stray cats in their area to contact us at the
following numbers:
The Animal Zone Internatioinal office: 22850-71716
Litsa Passari: 6974990045
As a reminder, we include the text of the Greek Law 4039/2013, article 5, item G:
“The owner of a pet is obliged to care for the sterilization of that pet and, if there
have been any offspring from that pet, to find homes for the newborns. The owner is
also required by law to register their pet as well as to ensure that a microchip is
placed in the body of that pet. At the required annual visit to a veterinarian for a
rabies vaccination, a metal badge will be given to be attached to the collar of their
pet providing proof of that vaccination.”

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