cat sterilizations

Spring Sterilization Program

AZI's sterilization program was a success! We surpassed our goal of sixty cats by three: the final count was sixty-three cats in two days.

Thirty-four females and twenty-nine males are now protected against producing the scores of litters that leave too many fragile kittens suffering from malnutrition and infection across our island.

Most of the cats came from the area of Katapola. Two were from Saint George Valsamitis, six were from Arkesini, and one came from Tholaria (Aegiali).

We want to thank all of those kind residents who helped us to bring these strays to our center—it was truly an all-island project.

All of the cats are now back in their home territory except for three sick ones who were too weak to withstand the operation. We are now treating their wounds with antibiotics and hoping very much that all three will soon be strong enough to bear the procedure and be returned to their home areas.

Animal Zone International along with the Municipality of Amorgos funded the cost of the vet Dr. Manolis Vorisis, his transportation, as well as the medications and surgical materials that were necessary to make this program a great success.

As well, we want to thank the lovely Pension Anna ( for hosting Dr. Vorisis at their wonderful hotel. Thank you all!

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Animal Zone International, in cooperation with the Municipality of Amorgos, will be conducting a sterilization program for stray cats on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 of March 2018. The cost of the program will be covered by Animal Zone International and the Municipality of Amorgos.

Owners who do not wish their cats to be sterilized are kindly requested to keep them in their home on the two days when the program is being conducted or to place a collar around their necks so that our volunteers will not catch them.

As a reminder, according to Law 4039/2012, article 5, item g: The owner of the dominant pet is obliged to take care of its sterilization if he does not wish to keep the newborn animals or can not dispose them to new owners. He is also required to ensure the microchip and the recording of his animal as well as to issue a health booklet, but also to place a metallic badge on the collar of the animal, which is provided annually by the veterinarians during the annual rabies vaccination.


3 Day Spay/Neuter Program in March


3 Day Spay/Neuter Program Planned for March 9-11, 2018

When there are too many cats and not enough resources, the cats are at risk for a life of hardship or worse, death.

AZI is preparing for a spay/neuter weekend in March. Your generous tax-deductible donation would allow us to sterilize as many stray cats as possible to maintain the current cat population and keep them healthy.

This is an important part of protecting the animals of Amorgos. Please donate and join our efforts to create a better life for all on Amorgos. Thank you!


Sterilization program completed with success

Our two-day sterilization program on the 3rd and 4th of November has been a great
success. Over fifty-six cats -thirty females and twenty-six males- are now unable to
increase the number of feral kittens in the areas of Agiali, Chora and Katapola and
they are all in good health and have been released back into their home turf.

We want to thank Dr. Manolis Vorisis and his wife Nikoletta Delasouda for their
amazing work and for the kindness and generosity with which they have donated
their expertise to the feral cat colonies of Amorgos.

We also want to thank Mr. Michael Koveos for his generosity in providing accommodation for our two vets in his Anna Studios Pension.

The Municipality of Amorgos has been a great partner in this program as has the
local animal welfare association, “Filozoiki Merimna of Amorgos” and its many
volunteers as well as those wonderful residents of Amorgos who helped in this
important project sponsored by Animal Zone International.

And we have committed to another program to be held in March.

Sterilization for stray cats

On Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th of November, Animal Zone International, in
collaboration with Amorgos Animal Welfare Society (Filozoiki Merimna of Amorgos)
and the Municipality of Amorgos, will carry out a sterilization program for stray cats
and kittens and the cost of this important program will be covered by Animal Zone
We are asking anyone who is aware of stray cats in their area to contact us at the
following numbers:
The Animal Zone Internatioinal office: 22850-71716
Litsa Passari: 6974990045
As a reminder, we include the text of the Greek Law 4039/2013, article 5, item G:
“The owner of a pet is obliged to care for the sterilization of that pet and, if there
have been any offspring from that pet, to find homes for the newborns. The owner is
also required by law to register their pet as well as to ensure that a microchip is
placed in the body of that pet. At the required annual visit to a veterinarian for a
rabies vaccination, a metal badge will be given to be attached to the collar of their
pet providing proof of that vaccination.”

Πρόγραμμα Στειρώσεων Νοέμβριος 2017.jpg

Documentary about Aegiali Project cat sterilizations

In Amorgos we care for the health and safety of the island cats and their kittens but no animal in need is ever turned away from our center. The cats and dogs of this rocky island, the mules and horses and donkeys and goats and geese of Amorgos are all given aid and comfort by our extraordinary group of veterinarians and volunteers who even, at times, find themselves caring for a sick rabbit or a wounded hawk. Our Center is a hospital and a temporary place of shelter and recuperation. For some it has even become a permanent home. But there is so much more to do.

Will you help us keep this project alive, not only for these defenseless members of the animal kingdom, but, perhaps, also to serve as a model for other centers throughout Greece and beyond.

Please consider donating: we are in urgent need of help!